Our approach to architecture


We love architecture and we think everything we design should be special and well thought out, no matter what the size of project.


At Rocket we think differently about design, believing that well considered simplicity can create beautiful buildings that cost less and are more sustainable. Composing a small palette of natural materials to create rooms and spaces that are enjoyable to be in is what we strive for.


We all bring specialist skills to the drawing board, with backgrounds in contemporary, sustainable and conservation architecture. So we're all about trying to preserve what's great, whilst creating fine contemporary architecture for this time.


Rocket Architects believe in creating contemporary buildings that are rooted in this history and based in their locality through massing, materials and occasional quirkiness.


Our approach to your project


Every project's different but we aim to offer a service that creates a brilliant building for you. This can be from some original design ideas (when you've stumbled across a dream plot of land, dilapidated pile or you're just fed up with the layout of your home) all the way through to detailing & specifying every fixture and finish!


Usually to do this we'll:


1. Meet you to discuss the project what you need, what you want to spend and what you've been dreaming the building may look like. We'll also agree exactly what we'll do and what we'll charge for this.


2. Measure the existing building or site and draw this up.


3. Start a Pinterest board for the project so we can both put together some inspiration and precedent photos of other buildings and ideas with you. This is to understand your approach to design and your style which will help to get the creative juices flowing!


4. Sketch some proposals to sit down and talk through with you. We'll normally both end up scribbling all over these and come out with the beginnings of the design.


5. Develop these ideas and discuss them with the other people who need to have an input (Like engineers, planners, quantity surveyors).


6. Discuss the design with the Local Authority, so their Planning Officers are aware of what we intend to do and why, ready for a planning submission.


7. Finalise the design with you and work it up to the level of detail you need or want. This may be to satisfy Building Control or so your builder knows what to do and what to price. This often means working up information so we can get quotes or tenders from several builders- so you can get the most competitive price.


8. We also want to make sure you get the builder best suited for the job. We can suggest builders, interview them with you and go to see their previous work so you're happy with the people working on your project.


9. Sometimes it makes sense to cover everything in your build, in these cases we'll  work with you on the design and finishes of each room or space. Be it bathroom & lighting layouts to furniture design, we can help with it all.


10. Budgets and priorities can change and after customers get prices we like to go through a process of checking the costs against the design to make sure you're getting the best value for money.


11. We can help during builds, from answering technical questions to administrating contracts between you and your builder- and we always advise you on what we believe is the most appropriate route for you to take. Whatever path you choose, we're always on the end of the phone to answer any queries you may have through the building process.


12. If you want us to oversee the building contract we will inspect the works regularly and discuss progress, quality and budget with you and the builder- to bring things to the handover of your amazing finished building! Even then we will still be in touch to check how the building is settling in and to provide 'as built' drawings and information, in case you need it for the future.



Your project is very much your project. Our job is to work out what you want, offer our own thoughts for consideration and then develop the design with you so you're happy. We believe this makes for a stronger design and for much better buildings.

Our approach to business


Our goal for our business is to get talented, hard-working people and to let them focus on you and your project. We hope to make the world a little better and have a little fun on the way there too!


To do this we've set up a very light and flat organisation. We're a collaborative company with communication at its heart.  We've set up so we can use any device anywhere so our crew can work when they're at their most inspired, using the latest CAD software and 3D design tools....don't worry we still draw by hand and make models too!


Project teams work flexibly so you'll always have one point of contact, but people with particular skills, knowledge or interest get involved when they need to- to get you the best result.


We try and keep things local to improve where we are. This covers everything from our choice of coffee merchant and bank, through to our specifications for building products and the builders & consultants we work with.

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